11 Signs You Might Need a Detox

Detox or detoxification is the process by which toxic waste is flushed out of our body’s fat tissue and organs. Always remember that our bodies function based on what we intake. Hence, optimum body performance could only be achieved if our body is supplied with the highest amount of nourishment it needs. But before our bodies could properly digest such nourishment, it has to be cleansed in order to regain its systematic flow. This is where detoxification comes to play.

How would you know if you need to undergo detox? There are a number of great ways to find out if you need to detoxify your body. One factor that could help you in determining if you should go on a detox diet is the environment. As we breathe, our body is exposed to different types of toxins such as pollution found in air. Although it is a fact that our bodies are built to naturally cope with toxins, our bodies could only tolerate up to a certain degree. When the level of toxins in the environment increases, it only follows that our bodies are susceptible in absorbing high amounts of these harmful elements which could result to detrimental effects on our body. But early detection of toxic build-up on your body could help in getting rid of such wastes in the body. To do that, identifying the symptoms must be the first step in handling such concern coupled with adequate knowledge on how detox could help combat these harmful elements.

Below are some symptoms or signs that you need to undergo detox:

  1. Unexplained headaches or back pain
  2. Failing to easily recall instances or situations (memory failing)
  3. Having brittle nails and hair
  4. Frequent nasal or skin allergies
  5. Feeling bloated
  6. Insomnia or having difficulty in getting a good sleep
  7. Feeling tired and restless even during mornings
  8. Mood swings and depression
  9. Frequent skin break out
  10. Having low level of focus and concentration
  11. Easily stressed

As you undergo detox, drinking plenty of fluids is paramount to a successful detox diet. It is advisable to plan your detox diet ahead of time to enable your body to adjust gradually. If you’re so into sweets such as pastries or if drink too much sodas, slowly discontinue your consumption and start introducing lighter foods such as legumes, raw fruits, raw vegetables and fresh juices to your body. More importantly, before undergoing a detox diet, it is still best to consult an accredited wellness expert to guide you to the most appropriate detox diet that will work best for you.

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