5 Weight-Loss Tips That Are Actually Totally False

Ever wonder which among all the weight loss tips you have read or known are really giving you the right information? It is fact that losing those excess pounds is really very challenging. Apparently, the dilemma does not stop there as finding the accurate materials to help you start off seems to be even more challenging. So where do you start? Check out these 5 weight loss tips that may be misleading you all this time.

1. Eating small meals could help you lose weight fast – you may have heard or read about this statement numerous times, unfortunately, this is one of those false tips. Losing weight does not primarily contribute to the frequency and amount of meals you take in daily. In fact, according to a new health research, the calories present in your food matters more compared to the frequency of the meals you eat daily. Researchers from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom stated that, despite the popular belief that eating multiple small meals a day will help you lose weight, counting calories is the most effective way to drop those unwanted fats. The research, which analyzed 24 participants of varying weights, showed that the number of calories burned by those who ate three normal meals versus those who ate five smaller meals manifested no difference in metabolism as both groups burned the same amount of calories per day. The research also discovered that eating multiple meals a day can increase the chances of diabetes and heart disease.

2. Focusing on achieving an ideal weight -  a recent health study found that women who put the emphasis on the process of losing weight as opposed to getting an ideal weight have better chances of succeeding. A study conducted at the University of Zurich showed that people who successfully lose weight in one week are more likely to lose track of their goal as compared to those who focus on the process of losing weight, thus, allowing a steadier progress and fewer setbacks. The conclusion is that focusing on the process helps motivate an individual to keep going because it seems more realistic as they see achievable outcomes that provides positive emotional feedback which promotes more motivation.

3. Grabbing a snack to avoid eating too much during a regular meal – contrary to this belief, having a snack a couple of hours before a regular meal could really make a negative impact on your goal to lose weight. Based on a study from Drexel University, published in the journal Appetite, participants who skip snacks before a regular meal eat roughly the same amount of calories as compared to those who eat something prior to the meal.

4. Exercising increases your craving to eat more – according to a recent study posted in the journal, PLOS ONE, there's no evidence to prove that working out makes the body crave to eat more. So carry on with those exercise routines not only to help you be in shape but also to keep you healthy.

5. Avoiding sweets while losing weight – who says sweets can’t be good when you’re on a diet? Apparently, eating dark chocolate in moderation can help keep your sweet tooth in check, according to a recent research from the University of L'Aquila in Italy. Eat chocolate 20 minutes before and five minutes after lunch and dinner to cut your appetite by up to 50 percent. Based on the study, it turned out that sweets can fight sugar spikes. Participants who ate a candy bar's worth of dark chocolate once a day for 15 days in a row decreased their potential for insulin resistance by almost 50 percent. While researchers credit flavonoids for reducing insulin resistance, it is to be noted that dark chocolate also contains healthy fats, which helps slow down the absorption of sugar into the blood stream, hence, preventing an insulin spike, which causes sugar to go straight into your fat cells.

So next time you’re not sure which credible materials to use to help you lose weight, try resorting to professional life coaching or counseling to better assist you with the right weight loss routine that is best for your lifestyle.

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