Book of the Month: Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia is a heartfelt memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert that chronicles her journey of self-discovery as she travels around the world after going through a tough divorce.


Elizabeth Gilbert seemed to have it all. She had a successful career as a writer, a nice home, and a marriage. However, she was deeply unhappy with the latter, and chose to divorce her husband. Elizabeth jumps into an unsuccessful rebound relationship after that, leaving her to feel more alone than ever.

She then makes the difficult decision to leave the trappings of her old life behind to travel around the world. Her first stop is Italy, where she finds pleasure in its food, wine, and conversation (“Eat”). Elizabeth then heads for India to seek communion with the divine through meditation (“Pray”). Her last destination is Bali, Indonesia, where she seeks to find balance between the two and finds love in a Brazilian businessman.

While this is not the first book of its kind, many readers are able to relate easily with Elizabeth. Gilbert’s writing treats the reader as a close friend with her honest and sincere account of her journey, from the emotional disaster that was her marriage, to her spiritual journey in these countries. More importantly, Gilbert makes her readers feel as though they are travelling right alongside her, eating, praying, and loving along with her.

It is no wonder that Eat Pray Love is a well-loved book across the globe, making it to various best-sellers lists, and even getting Oprah Winfrey’s approval. Though we may not be able to travel physically, our minds and hearts are able to do so freely. Eat Pray Love takes us on that journey of in pursuit of learning and enlightenment.

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