Featured Reads: A Thousand Mornings by Mary Oliver

A Thousand Mornings is a collection of poetry by Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award recipient, Mary Oliver. Oliver is best known for her poems that speak of a deep connection with the natural world.

Book Review - A Thousand Mornings - Mary Oliver

In this particular collection, Oliver stays true to her brand of nature poetry and takes her readers to a journey of her home—the marshland and coastline of Provincetown, Massachusetts. Readers are treated to poetic and earthy images of the small, intimate encounters with nature. Through her unique voice and style, Oliver is able to effortlessly offer a fresh perspective on everyday things that we tend to overlook or take for granted, like trees, dogs, and birds.

What is also remarkable about Oliver’s poetry is the patient and careful observation of these unremarkable things and allowing these things to reveal wisdom and truth on their own. Readers will also find that her poetry is playful, refreshing and quite easy to love.

Her quiet observations and reflections in this collection can easily resonate with readers. A Thousand Mornings will surely move you take time to truly soak up the intimate encounters you have with the natural world.

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