Featured Reads: Without Reservations by Alice Steinbach

Without Reservations: The Travels of an Independent Woman is another travel memoir worth adding to your reading list. This book, published in 2000, is by Pulitzer winning journalist named Alice Steinbach, and chronicles her journey across Europe, branding herself “an independent woman”.

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Alice Steinbech at fifty felt that her life was in a standstill, with her being divorced, children all grown and gone. Seeking a major turnaround in her life, she puts her work as a journalist on hold. She sought to find this change, this metamorphosis, by moving to France.

Through her detailed accounts of her Parisian experience, she takes the readers along for the ride. Steinbech also forms friendships with colourful characters, despite her intention to spend time alone in order to find out for herself what a woman’s independence really stands for. It is through these relationships that she realizes that being alone does not necessarily encourage independence in a person, and instead cultivates an inherent need to be in contact with other people.

Without Reservations does not aim to lecture, and instead allows the reader to derive lessons from Steinbach’s journey herself. This book is a light, enjoyable read and is easily relatable to women who are on their personal journeys of personal wellness.

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