Find the Perfect Sport That Fits Your
Body Shape

Your body shape is mostly dictated by your genetic make up. This determines where you store fat, what illnesses you may be susceptible to, and what exercises you need. You can maximise the advantages of your body shape, but you must first identify what your body shape is. After you’ve identified your body shape, learn more about the exercises you need and the sport that would best fit your body shape. Here are the three major body shapes and the perfect sports for each:



Triangular body shapes

Triangular body shapes have broad shoulders and narrow waist. These individuals have muscled legs and arms with minimal fat covering their bodies. They have strong athletic bodies and are neither underweight nor overweight.

Sports for triangular body shapes

For triangular body shapes, their narrow hips and wedge-shaped bodies allow them to be a candidate for any sport, as they respond well to cardio and resistance training. Sports like tennis and other racquet sports come fairly easily. Cycling, a Spinning class or indoor rowing should be included to build tone in the lower body, too.


Apple-shaped bodies

Apple shapes have narrow shoulders and narrow hips. They have a slender and thin shape, having thin arms and legs, and have minimal fat and muscle on their body. They are long and lean and have a hard time gaining weight.

Sports for pear-shaped bodies

For apple body shapes, the goal for this body type is to gain tone or muscle mass. While their long arms and legs are well-suited to activities like long-distance running, women in this category are looking to build muscle time and are advised to lessen the cardio and increase resistance training. Swimming is good because the water provides resistance and the body will often provide extra fat insulation for skinny bodies that do regualar pool workouts.


Pear-shaped bodies

Pear body shapes are prone to accumulating fat around their bottoms and thighs. They gain weight more easily than other body types, especially around the hips and buttocks. They are heavier individuals but that doesn’t mean that they are overweight.

Sports for pear-shaped bodies

For pear body shapes, doing aerobic exercises with high intensity exercise of short duration works best. They need to focus on exercises that build upper body muscle and tone the lower body. Boxing, cycling, jogging, brisk walking five days a week helps get the heart rate up and encourages the body to burn fat for fuel.


Luckily though, pursuing a sport does not totally depend on what shape your body is. Yes, it is helpful to identify your body shape to help you predict which sport may give you a bit of an advantage. But more than this, being good at a particular sport require specific skills such as spatial awareness, good hand-eye coordination, speed, timing, and concentration. And at the end of the day, it is hard work and persistance that contribute to successfully achieving a healthier version of you.

Before starting any exercise plan, request medical approval first, especially if you are taking any medication or have any underlying health conditions.


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