Weight Management

L-Carnitine IV

Unleash the sexy you that’s been hiding for years with this safe, intravenous administration of L-carnitine that stimulates faster metabolism and induces total body weight loss. You’ll love the results!

Q: What happens during the treatment?
A: 5 ml of L-Carnitine is administered via the Intravenous route. 

Q: How many treatments do I need to have?
A: Usually ten sessions of IV L-Carnitine are administered to achieve optimal results and should be combined with proper diet and exercise.

Q: What do I need to do for maintenance?
A: Preventive maintenance is suggested.


HCG Fat Mobilizer

Human Chorionic Gonadatropin (HCG) is a hormone produced in the body. This hormone allows the body to mobilize fat and use it as energy. This acts as a "fail-safe" mechanism when energy is needed immediately. For weight loss, we use only a small amount of HCG to capitalize on this same mechanism. 


Nutritional Counseling

It’s all about you, we’re all about you. And together we can begin a partnership that will help you achieve your weight loss goals. It wont’ be easy, but we can do it.

Q: What is included in the nutritional counseling?
A: A one on one session between our nutritionist and the client to discuss the necessary actions or steps the client needs to do to achieve his/her goals. Discussion on weight evaluation, ideal weight and BMI, Food recall to discuss the diet plan. Food preferences are also taken into consideration based on culture, religion and favorites.

Q: Who conducts the nutritional counseling?
A: Our certified Nutritionist will conduct the nutritional counseling sessions

Q: Is there any treatment involved in the nutritional counseling?
A: None

Q: What happens after the nutritional counseling?
A: Vietura’s nutritionist remains in close contact with the client to monitor the client’s progress


Brain Booster Complex (BBX)

These healthy and 100% natural slimming pills can help suppress your appetite and increase metabolism to effectively shed pounds and burn unwanted body fat.



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