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3 Easy Tips on How to Have a Cleaner Home


“Have you always wanted a cleaner home but never know how? Discover the three easy tips to make your home as clean and comfortable as you always wanted.”

My home is one of my comfort spaces, and sometimes it stresses me out when, after a hectic day at work, I come back and my kids have turned everywhere upside down. And I sometimes wonder if they think the house is their dumpster.

I sometimes get right at it and start cleaning up. Still, a few minutes after that, it ends up looking like its previous state. At other times, when I have guests coming, and I need the house to be spotless, I hire cleaners in Exeter to get the job done.

Then, it came to a time when I lost interest in cleaning altogether. Clutter, to me, was stress and anxiety-inducing in itself. Cleaning didn’t spark joy as it would before; it triggered avoidance in me until I discovered a secret.

Since then, my home has never been cleaner. I have enjoyed cleaning and my home has since been a haven I longed to go to.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the three easy tips that have worked for me that you can use to have a cleaner home with minimal effort and leave you plenty of time to do things you enjoy.

How To Have A Cleaner Home With 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning can be stressful and time-consuming, but the result of a clean house is definitely worth it. 

Some people like to clean, while others don’t enjoy it and always look for ways to make cleaning more pleasurable. Regardless of the category you fall into, one thing’s for sure: You have to clean your home.

Let’s look at three easy tips to have a cleaner home

1). Create a house cleaning plan

This idea might sound cliché, but I bet you this is a game-changer. Having a plan ahead of time that prioritizes particular spaces and rooms of the house can be a huge time saver.

Starting on the dirtiest rooms of the house or dedicating more time to rooms that bother you will create motivation to get everything done after cleaning the most intimidating room. 

Keeping a schedule within view is the starting point for getting all the help you need, and it will improve your chances of having a clean household. Doing the same thing every time you clean becomes a routine and decreases the time it takes.

2). Declutter and Organize

Before you even start cleaning, give yourself 10 minutes to go from room to room and pick up the clutter. One half of the entire cleaning process involves organizing, tidying up, and reorganizing.

As you pick up scattered items, consider whether you should keep them, put them away, or donate them. If you have any clothes lying around, decide whether to keep them in your closet, drop them off in the laundry basket, or put them washing machine while you clean the rest of the house.

Your home is not as dirty as you think it is. Simply decluttering and organizing scattered mess around your home can make a huge difference and make cleaning much quicker.

3). Make Cleaning A Group Activity By Delegating Tasks To People 

One significant lesson I’ve learned about cleaning is the power of teamwork. The chore transformed from a solitary task into an engaging group activity when shared with my family.

Cleaning can be a calming and de-stressing activity, and it can be quite a fun task when done with others. Distributing tasks among family members and fostering interaction makes the process less burdensome and more enjoyable. 

Crafting a chore chart aids in holding children accountable for their contributions, regardless of age. Even the youngest members can play a role in maintaining a sanitary household. 

Ensuring ample supplies of paper towels, cleansers, and other tools equips everyone to manage their messes, eliminating excuses. Once the cleaning is complete, the house will be cleaner, and you will also have a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind.


There’s nothing like having a clean house and the time to enjoy relaxing in it! After all, time is of the essence, so why not spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor?

And that’s all on the three tips to make your home cleaner; here’s some bonus advice: take a moment to breathe deeply, clear your head, and remember you’ve made progress. You’ve got this!  

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