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4 Best Recommendation Restaurants in Singapore


Singapore is one of the most visited countries by foreign tourists. This one country never ends in presenting interesting places that are ready to pamper every tourist who visits. While in Singapore you can do various interesting activities, visit historical places, culinary tours, and go to shopping centers.

For those of you who want to visit this lion’s land, you should make plans in advance for what activities you will do while in Singapore. And the most important thing is to determine the hotel for lodging. In Singapore, there are many attractive hotels that will make your holiday experience even more memorable. You can find various hotels with attractive offers in Traveloka hotel, which provide hotel recommendations ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Lodging is one aspect that you need to pay attention to when on vacation. Many of the best hotels in Singapore with a variety of attractive services. Here are some recommendations for the best hotels in Singapore, including Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Royal Plaza on Scotts, Grand Copthorne Waterfront (SG Clean), and Marina Bay Sand. Apart from these hotels, there are many other hotels that you can take advantage of while in Singapore.

Besides being famous for its historical tourist attractions, Singapore is also known as one of the world’s culinary centers and has been approved by the Michelin Guide, the world’s prestigious culinary guide. In Singapore, there are many restaurants with the Minchelin Star label, which you must visit. The Singaporean government is also active in improving its culinary quality by exchanging ideas between local and international chefs through the Global Chef Exchange. Here are some of the best restaurant recommendations with super delicious food that you must try.

  1. Carousel Buffet Restaurant

The first recommendation is the Carousel Buffet Restaurant, this restaurant serves the best food that is halal-certified. This restaurant is highly recommended for those of you who want to find halal food while in Singapore.

The location of this restaurant is at the Royal Plaza Hotel on Scotts, the food is served and served in the best way. There are various food menus from various countries that you can try from Asia, the Mediterranean, Japan, and various seafood and desserts you can eat. Carousel Buffet has not yet received the Minchelin Star label, but the food served is guaranteed to spoil your taste buds.

This restaurant has been named the Best Buffet Restaurant in Singapore at AsiaOne People’s Choice Award for 7 consecutive years. This award proves that this Carousel Buffet has been proven to offer delicacy and cleanliness for a restaurant. 

  1. Béni Singapore

The second recommendation for the best restaurant in Singapore is Béni Restaurant, this restaurant is a French-Japanese restaurant. You can enjoy various kinds of delicious food from both countries. Some of these restaurant chefs are also imported directly from France and Japan.

This restaurant has earned the Michelin Star label thanks to the delicious taste of the food. You can spend time with your family by tasting all kinds of delicious foods such as appetizers, main courses, and desserts at this restaurant which are made directly by a classy chef.

  1. Chinatown Complex Market & Food Center

Next is the Chinatown Complex Market & Food Center which is where the very famous Hawker Chan appears here. This restaurant is one of the many restaurants that received the Michelin Star label which was achieved in 2016.

There are many delicious food menus available at this restaurant, one of which is Hawker Chan’s favorite, which is Soya Sauce Chicken Rice, which makes it a Michelin star food.

  1. Tambuah Mas

The last recommendation for the best restaurant in Singapore is Tambuah Mas. This restaurant serves a very delicious menu of Indonesian specialties. Delicious Padang, Sulawesi, and Javanese food are available at this restaurant.

This restaurant is located in Tanglin Shopping Center. You can spend time in this area shopping and taking a culinary tour at Tambuah Mas. Tambuah Mas is one of the restaurants that has received the Michelin Star label. The mainstay of this restaurant is beef rendang, tofu eggs, and special fish heads. In addition, all types of food provided are guaranteed to spoil your tongue.

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