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How do teachers use QR codes today?

Did you know that teachers can use QR codes to optimize teaching strategies and classroom management?

These digital tools can significantly create a conducive and enjoyable learning environment for their students.

And with today’s best QR code generator online, it’s easy and free to create them.

If you’re wondering how this innovation works, continue reading to see its versatile uses.

Nine creative ways teachers use QR codes

How do teachers use QR codes today? Here are nine ways:

1. Share credible online sources

With gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, it’s now easier for students to connect to the Internet and find sources they can use for studying.

The problem, though, is that not all online content is credible, especially those from open-source websites.

Teachers can then find accurate and up-to-date information sources and embed their links within URL QR codes to protect students from false and incorrect knowledge.

2. Guides for reading and speech lessons

Teachers can streamline their reading and speech lessons by using audio QR codes. These will redirect students to mp3 files that will guide them on how to correctly pronounce words.

Aside from pronunciation guides, teachers can also embed speech drills and audiobooks to improve their students’ listening skills.

3. Convenient sharing of learning materials

Teachers can now eliminate printed handouts and booklets and use digital copies instead. They can then embed these into QR codes for a faster and more organized distribution method.

With this method, teachers can kill three birds with one stone, providing convenience to their students, saving printing and paper expenses, and helping preserve trees.

4. Engaging activities

Students learn better when they’re involved in the learning process.

QR codes for education can also help make interactive activities such as games and quizzes to arouse students’ curiosity and imagination.

Teachers can guarantee this strategy will work. Even though QR codes are widespread now, some people—especially students—will still find them quite useful.

5. Quick attendance check

Did you know it’s now possible to create an attendance recording system with QR codes?

Teachers will only have to create a Google Form, enter each student’s name, and then embed it in a QR code. Students can then scan the code to access the form and select their names.

This data automatically gets recorded in Google Sheets that the teacher can track.

6. Share quizzes and answer keys

Aside from digital learning materials, teachers can also share quizzes with their students. Once answered, they can send the answer key so students can check their work.

Teachers can use a file QR code for the quizzes, while they can use a text QR code for answer keys with about ten to fifteen items.

7. Private access to progress report

Teachers can also use QR codes in the classroom to create a quick way for students to access their grades without compromising the confidentiality of such information.

How can they do this? They can create a Google Sheet for each student’s grade and then use a bulk QR code generator to create multiple unique QR codes in one go.

Now each student has a corresponding QR code for their Google Sheet report.

8. Feedback gathering

Student feedback lets teachers know the weak points of their teaching styles and strategies and improve their performance.

One way to collect feedback quickly is through QR codes. With one scan, students can access a survey form they can answer or fill out using their devices.

9. Online class invites

While schools have reopened, some still offer online classes as an alternative. These synchronous sessions often take place through Zoom.

Teachers can then use a Zoom QR code as a quick means for students to enter meetings so they can join the class.

QR codes: the quintessential tool for modern classrooms

Learning can take place anytime, anywhere, and through any medium. With this, using QR codes in classrooms only proves to be wise as they possess great potential to streamline how students learn.

Are you a teacher looking for fresh ideas to apply to their teaching strategies? Consider using a QR code generator with logo software and start creating one today.

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