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How Quickly Can I Get an Unchallenged Divorce in Alabama?


Divorces can be long, drawn out events. Often costly, both financially and emotionally, a divorce can feel torturous at times. Contested divorces, which can take many months, or even years, are the ones that many couples would just as soon avoid. Alternatively, uncontested divorces can be relatively stress free and inexpensive, particularly when compared to contested divorces. Of similar importance is the time involved. Uncontested divorces are often considered the fastest type of divorce. Though each case is complex in its own way, with certain situations requiring more time and attention than others, an uncontested divorce can be resolved in less than a year, or sometimes as little as six weeks. This article will outline the reasons for why it is possible to resolve an uncontested divorce relatively quickly, what the requirements are for an uncontested divorce, and what the possible timeline can look like koodevide.

Requirements for an Uncontested Divorce

Courts will only grant an uncontested divorce in Lawrence County if a series of conditions are met. Couples should be able to resolve, or negotiate, the terms of their divorce on their own (sometimes with attorneys or mediators), and without the intervention of a judge. If the couple cannot agree on terms related to alimony, the division of property/assets, child custody, or child support, then their divorce will be considered contested Yt5s

Additionally, Alabama has a residency requirement for uncontested divorce. You must be a resident for at least six months, with valid forms of identification that can prove that fact (either a driver’s license or state ID card). 

Why is an Uncontested Divorce so Easy and Quick to Resolve?

Broadly speaking, the fact that the couples are able to come to an agreement on the major issues of the divorce is the prime reason for the ease and quickness of the process. Through this level of communication and agreement, couples will only have to wait on the filing process of the paperwork. The first stage of paperwork has a thirty day waiting period from the time where you initially file for divorce. Sometimes it can take longer than thirty days to process the paperwork that has been filed with the court. 

Timelines for and Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce can take as little as six weeks to as much as ten weeks to come to completion, that is, when the judge grants the divorce decree. As the previous section makes note of, much of the weight comes down to the completion and certification of your paperwork. If there are one or two contested issues that require minor negotiations, then they will need to be taken care of before initiating the divorce process, and if that is the case you would want to seek out the assistance of an experienced attorney to help speed up the divorce process.

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