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Movies to Watch with Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about love. The manner the lovebirds spend this day reflects their passion. Whether it’s an expensive Valentine’s Day gift or spending quality time with your sweetheart in a park, the spirit of love endures forever! Celebrating love on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive! The occasion might be just you and the person you love, with plenty of quality time and romance. Some people enjoy doing extroverted things to commemorate the event, while others choose to keep the celebration low-key. 

So, adhering to traditional methods of celebrating the day should never be a concern. If you are out of money or your bank account does not allow you to go above and beyond, the celebration should be extravagant in love rather than material possessions. Going bankrupt is perfectly OK, and if your lover truly loves you, a materialistic Valentine should not worry him or her. A lovely and meaningful Valentine’s present packed with love and care will suffice! 

However, this does not imply that if you do not throw a lavish party, you will have a disaster on Valentine’s Day! Watching romantic movies with your sweetheart, hugging and snuggling together on the couch, and sharing your favorite food sounds like the ideal Valentine’s Day plan to me. What are your thoughts? Here’s a selection of the best movies to watch on Valentine’s Day with your Valentine! Let’s check it out!


When it comes to romantic films, one cannot but think about Titanic. This film sets an extraordinarily high standard for love sagas. This film also gave us the timeless love song “My Heart Will Go On.” This film tells the romantic love tale of Jack and Rose. Rose comes from a princely family and is ready to marry. Rose meets Jack Titanic, an artist, and develops a strong affection for him. Unfortunately, karma didn’t favor them; when the Titanic sank, Jack died defending Rose.

Shuddh Desi Romance

This is a comedy and love film starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Parineeti Chopra, and Vaani Kapoor. When compared to love partnerships or love weddings in tiny Indian villages, the novel explores the new age’s attitudes on commitment, live-in relationships, and arranged marriages.

Beauty & the Beast

This is a well-known romance story that has long piqued the interest of young readers. The charming princess promises to hold her battered father prisoner. Much to her dismay, the monster is a handsome prince under a witch’s influence, yet she still falls for him. What happens if this does not cast a beautiful spell of passion and love in your heart?


A romantic film with a delightful plot. Ved, the male character, is compelled by his family to focus on design. However, when Tara falls in love with him on a tour and reconnects with him after a couple of extended periods apart, she helps him comprehend his self-esteem. The film is composed of great minutes and a lot of affection.

A Walk To Remember (2002)

When this film was released in 2002, it ranked first among Mandy Moore’s admirers worldwide, who admired her transition from pop phenomenon to actor. A Walk to Remember is set in North Carolina and follows a separated jock (Shane West) and his friendship with a shy minister’s daughter (Mandy Moore).

Your Place or  Mine

Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher appear in this 2023 romantic comedy about two long-distance best friends who exchange places for a week. The transition provides fresh information about oneself and others.

Love & Basketball

Two childhood mates who dream of becoming professional basketball players. The couple develops feelings for one another as they mature. However, their rising basketball careers put a strain on their relationship. The film is a must-see for Valentine’s Day since it is emotionally charged and depicts love and sex honestly and refreshingly. It’s also an uncommon sports drama written from a female perspective.

The Proposal

Margaret is facing deportation to Canada and requires a long-term solution to remain in the United States. Who better to help than her longtime aide, Paxton (Ryan Reynolds)? Or so the employer believed when she promised Paxton a promotion in return for marriage. You also buy Valentine’s gifts for your girlfriend, or boyfriend from the online gift site to give the best delight on this romantic occasion to your partner.

Love Simon

This movie combines humor, drama, and romance. Simon is a high school student who is pursuing an internet romance with an unknown boy whose identity you will want to know by the conclusion of the film. There’s only one thing: he hasn’t told his friends and family yet.

These are some of the most romantic movies that you can enjoy with your partner this Valentine’s Day and make the occasion more special for them.

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