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Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in 2021


Is it possible to find a reputable, high-quality, and reliable cannabis seed source online? The answer is yes. There are many respectable seed banks to choose from. With so many marijuana strains selling online, it’s no surprise that farmers all around the world have preferred suppliers too.

Finding premium-quality cannabis seeds online is more accessible, safer, and economical for new or experienced producers. Good sellers send your order without issue. These seed banks are trustworthy since they have clear refund policies.

Where To Buy Good Cannabis Seeds Online

You may explore countless respectable cannabis seed dealers online. Customer reviews and former clients can help you decide whether a supplier produces quality seeds or needs to find another shop.

Go to United Strains of America instead of going to multiple cannabis suppliers. They are a well-known provider of high-quality marijuana strains. They have conventional, feminized, and autoflowering seeds.

It is recognized globally for selling cheap but high-quality cannabis seeds online. The best places to buy premium cannabis seeds are online seed banks and dispensaries. You may identify a dependable supplier of high-grade genetics by doing your homework and asking around. You may also ask the private community for top suggestions.

From ordinary, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds, reputable providers have built up a reputation for selling high-quality seeds secretly over the globe.

If you are a newbie or inexperienced buyer, you should look into the company’s reputation and customer reviews.

United Strains of America gives you direct online access to high-quality cannabis seeds. It is the best source to find the best autoflowering seeds because it only sells the most reliable and finest seeds available on the market at low prices.

How To Check A Seed Vendor’s Legitimacy

It’s helpful to analyze a few factors before buying CBD wholesale online for the first time. Here is a list of must-have features for your provider.

  • It only sells the highest-quality cannabis seeds.
  • It offers international shipping.
  • It has responsive and active support staff.
  • It has a wide range of seeds to choose from.
  • For Poor-quality or damaged seeds, They have a crystal-clear refund or money-back guarantee policy.
  • It accepts payments in different currencies.
  • Deliveries that are consistent and on time.
  • The site is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for complete control and navigation.
  • It has an area for user feedback on strain availability.

How To Buy The Best Cannabis Seeds

Personal choice, growing time, cost, and cultivating experience all play a role in selecting the best cannabis seeds. Regular seeds are convenient. However, the outcomes vary depending on the crop. With ordinary seeds, you get 50% female seeds.

On the other hand, auto-flowering seeds bloom based on the cultivation age, while ‘feminized’ strains provide almost 100% female plants. They bloom when the plants are ready, but ordinary seeds adapt to changes in the light cycle.

Keep in mind the following safety precautions:

You’re nervous and scared if this is your first time ordering cannabis seeds online. If you are careful, you will not have a difficulty growing cannabis. But first, you’ll need to learn from breeders or growers’ experience and gain information.

You don’t go to jail if you order seeds from overseas and they get caught at customs. Your purchases will be seized and you will be notified. It may happen to you if you order seeds online.

In these circumstances, contact your seed bank supplier and explain the situation. Reputable seed banks frequently find a replacement. It’s the easiest way to shop online with the right suppliers.

  • There are no documented incidents of persons ordering cannabis seeds online and getting caught and prosecuted.
  • If customs seize your cannabis seeds, your purchase is canceled.
  • You can contact your seed bank and request a replacement, or they will send one to you.
  • Customs will arrest you if they find out you ordered or sent cannabis seed within the country or state.
  • Joining forums and private groups of like-minded individuals will help you learn more about buying cannabis seeds online.
  • You can ask questions, learn from producers and breeders, and continue your cannabis experience.
  • This can help you decide whether your vendor supplies high-quality seeds.
  • Be patient while obtaining cannabis seeds online or from overseas.
  • Shipping takes 3-4 weeks or longer.
  • If the three-week period has passed, you can contact the customer service person.

Recognizing Cannabis Seed Quality

Finding high-quality seeds is the first step in producing or breeding superior cannabis plants. It’s the start of success. But how do you tell if cannabis seeds are good or bad?

A complete guide:

Color and design

Examine the color and texture. Cannabis seeds are distinguished from unhealthy or weaker seeds by their appearance. Find one in a deeper shade, like tan, brown, or black.

Durability and hardness

Healthy seeds should have no cracks, no insect holes, and a tough outer shell. A healthy grain won’t shatter or crack when gently squeezed.


An excellent seed has a teardrop or symmetrical spherical form. Most immature and low-quality seeds are irregularly shaped and tiny.

Float test

The float test is the best way to check the quality of your cannabis seeds. It’s as simple as testing the seeds in a cup of distilled water to determine if they float or sink.


This information can help you determine seed viability. Younger seeds are more viable than older ones.

Keep your seeds dark and cool to avoid mould and damage.


Vendors can claim expertise without proving it to customers. To discover the best cannabis seeds, look for reliable seedbanks with a consistent quality supply. Their feedback and personal experience will help you decide.

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