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Why is There a Need For a Diamond Concierge


A reputable diamond concierge will help you find the best diamond for your budget. They can take extra photos, do a live video chat and more to help you pick the perfect diamond from the comfort of your home. Even though mined diamonds have a high market value, they also have a high cost that not everyone can afford. It is where a diamond consignment and concierge service can save you big time.

They are experts.

Most diamonds sold in retail jewelry stores come with much more in the price tag than just the rock. There’s overhead, commissions, customer service and that chain needs to make a profit — all of which can add up quickly. Having an expert is important to ensure you get the best bang for your buck regarding the 4 Cs of diamonds. It’s true when it comes to clarity grading. It’s common for two different gemologists to evaluate the same diamond with very different clarity grades. You need a reputable diamond concierge to help you find the best deal. A ring concierge will be able to preview diamonds, take extra photos and even do a video chat with you from the comfort of your home to ensure you’re getting the best diamond for your money. And they can also help you decide between a natural or lab-grown diamond.

They can help you design your ring.

A diamond concierge will help you design the ring of your dreams from home. And while many tools are available to help you create your ring online, nothing replaces working with an expert.

They can save you money.

Diamonds are beautiful and a symbol of love, but come with a hefty price tag. And when you buy a diamond from a traditional jewelry store, other costs add up too: overhead, commissions, customer service, and the chain needs to make a profit. One of the most common ways to save on a diamond is going for a smaller carat weight. A 1-carat diamond is a more popular size, so that it can have higher demand and, therefore, a larger price tag than a 2-carat or 3-carat diamond. Another way to save is to avoid a color on the diamond. Although a diamond is colorless on the bottom, it does pull in some tint from the metal and other factors. Opting for a near-colorless to light-tinted diamond could help you save up to 25%.

They can help you find the perfect diamond.

Diamonds are expensive and can feel scary to purchase unthinkingly, especially online. A ring concierge can help you feel comfortable and confident with your selection. They can preview diamonds, take extra photos, and do a live video chat to ensure you’re getting the best diamond possible for your money. Of the 4 C’s, cut is one of the most important. It’s what unlocks the beauty of a diamond. You can take a so-so rough diamond and cut it perfectly, and it’ll look gorgeous. You can also take a top-of-the-line rough diamond and cut it poorly, and it’ll look like garbage. Clarity is the other factor that takes work to evaluate online. It can be subjective since two gemologists can determine a diamond differently and produce different clarity grades. The simplest rule of thumb is to go with the highest clarity grade you can afford, but be bold and consider stones with inclusions if they fit your budget and style.

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