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How to Paste & Remove Fridge Stickers

A sticker is a type of art, which offers a complete illustration of a character representing an action or emotion. It represents several other things that are present in our atmosphere. With a certain theme, it can represent a natural, religious, or romantic topic. Gradually, it has become an ideal medium to expose your interest and decorate a space. 

As this art doesn’t affect a surface in any way, so many people love pasting it on their home walls as wall art, car windows, home appliances, and allied other surfaces to give a fresh look to their space. As per their taste and changes in their likes and weather, they frequently replace stickers with a new one. If you are new to sticker pasting and removal, you have queries on how to paste and remove a sticker from a surface. The write-up is going to help you in this regard. 

How to paste fridge stickers to your refrigerator 

Pasting a sticker to a surface such as a fridge is easy and requires a little care. Here are some steps for your assistance:

  • Select the right fridge stickers
  • Determine a theme for your right selection. The theme could be nature, animals, religion, love, and romance. You can go for a refrigerator sticker with a cat image if you love your pet. 
  • Decide the shape and size. For this, you have to determine whether you want to cover the whole or a part of the refrigerator with specific art. 
  • Clean the decided front part of your refrigerator when you bring the right sticker for it to your home. Cleaning will help you to get rid of the collected dirt & dust that could be a barrier in the sticker pasting process. 
  • Remove the upper layer from the base. 
  • Paste the prime part to the decided refrigerator surface. 
  • Roll up and down a flat object to the refrigerator surface to ensure the pasting work is done properly and the sticker is stuck well to it.    

How to remove fridge stickers from your refrigerator

Typically, stickers contain a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Due to this, they leave a gummy type thing on the surface on which they are stuck. After removing a sticker from a home appliance such as a stove or refrigerator, you have a sticky feeling when you touch the surface. This gummy area is a magnet for dust & dirt. Whether a sticker is placed by its manufacturer or a user to decorate an object, proper removal is crucial to get rid of residue. Here are some useful tricks to remove fridge stickers from your refrigerator:  

  • Get all the requisite items such as a plastic knife, blow dryer, vinegar, rough washcloth, cotton balls, rags, and cleaners. 
  • Take an edge of the plastic knife beneath the sticker edge. Lift the corner up as far as possible. Remove the complete glossy portion if the sticker has a glossy coating. 
  • Take a blow dryer close to the stuck sticker three times if it doesn’t get off with the knife. With the blow dryer, heat up the sticker so that you can make the adhesive loose. After heating, use the knife edge to take it out from the appliance surface. 
  • Wet a cotton ball in vinegar and rub it onto the adhesive and make it wet.
  • Use a rough washcloth to remove adhesive from the appliance surface. You can reapply the vinegar wet cotton ball to remove the left adhesive.
  • Spray a cleaner on your refrigerator surface. After that, use a clean soft cloth to wipe down the remaining residue. 


Pasting or removing fridge stickers is a little tricky job. If done well, you can keep the appliance surface protected from dust & dirt that could make it go out of order soon. Be careful whether you are pasting or removing a sticker from your refrigerator.  

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