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Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts

Starbucks was established by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker, and its first store was based in 1971 nearby the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Starbucks is best known for the comfort it provides to its customers and the way they make their customers feel special by giving them free internet connections and a space to relax, think of new ideas and chill out with friends. All these things enable customers to consider Starbucks as a unique food distributor brand as compared to others. Starbucks basically has a customer base of people with a higher disposable income than people with lesser disposable incomes. Starbucks also keeps care of their evening and afternoon customers by serving them light snacks like sandwiches.

William Rosenberg established Dunkin donuts in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1950. Dunkin donuts merged with Baskin-Robbins’ in 1990. Dunkin donuts sell coffee and, along with that, sell cakes and other food. Even though presents itself as a coffee specialist, its food is also an important component. Dunkin Donuts has interior decoration different from Starbucks.


Starbucks and Dunkin’s donuts are two of the US’s major food chains, and their primary offering includes coffee, and all their coffee options are almost the same. Still, their food menus are different and if compared, their vision and mission are also mostly similar.

Although Dunkin donuts were founded about 20 years earlier than Starbucks, there is a huge difference in their sales and earnings annually.

Dunkin donuts are present in nearly 11300 locations worldwide, but Starbucks is present in almost 30000 locations worldwide. If a comparison would be made, Dunkin doughnuts have only 8500 locations compared to Starbucks, having 15000 locations. Another point that makes Starbucks better is Starbucks has a massive number of stores outside the US. Still, Dunkin donuts have very few international stores, and even if there are some present, they run by the name Baskin robbin ice cream rather than Dunkin donuts.

In today’s time, Starbucks generates about 25% of international revenue, and in comparison, Dunkin donuts have a frail scale in global revenue. Almost all Dunkin’ are franchises. Licensed Starbucks stores are spread all around the world as corporate-owned stores.

Starbucks also proves to be a better option than Dunkin donuts as it lets people stay in for as long as they wish to and there are no restrictions for anything like studying or working etc. but going to Dunkin donuts is usually for a shorter period it is generally eating and going kind of place.

Starbucks also keeps on impressing their customers by giving them free birthday drinks and also providing them with open water and free refills to its members.

Starbucks is also liked more as it is a proven fact that people usually tend to show more efficiency in their work or studies while they are at a cafe but in Dunkin donuts, you cannot have that benefit.

Starbucks also provides a wide range of frappuccinos and keeps updating its flavours, whereas Dunkin donuts have a limited variety menu and are usually not updated.

Starbucks also lets its customers customize their drinks the way they want to, which attracts the customer to come again and again as they can take anything according to their likings. In contrast, in Dunkin donuts, customization options are not available.


Starbucks is considered better than Dunkin donuts due to its positive environment, which is very much inviting for customers and makes them feel at home and a diverse menu that keeps updating from time to time. It also lets customers customize their beverages. Despite all this, the most essential factor is their availability in large quantities worldwide.

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